5 Tips for Home Sellers

Hey everybody, Dillon Robinson back with Pam Robinson Real Estate. I’ve got a couple of questions for you. Are you ready to list your home, sell your property but are not quite sure where to start? Well, today I am here to give you five seller tips to get you and your property ready to be on the market.

Tip number one get ahead of your cleaning and decluttering. I recommend that you get a really good deep clean done and purge all the items that you really don’t need that you may have not touched in months. The less clutter that you have in your house and the cleaner that it is, the better the showing is going to go. Now I recommend that you do that right before your realtor comes to take pictures, that way it’s pristine and will look great online, whenever people are going through your pictures and your videos of your home. What I recommend to my sellers, dedicate at least 30 minutes a day for a little bit of light cleaning after you do your deep clean and declutter. It allows you to stay on top of it and makes sure that your home is always show ready.

For tip number two, always be ready for your home to be shown. Now that correlates a little bit with tip number one for the 30 minutes a day of cleaning, that way you’re not stressing about running the vacuum one more time or getting the dishes out of the sink or whatever it may be. The back end of that is have a contingency plan for those short notice requests for showings because it’s going to happen. People are going to drive by and see the sign and they have an hour that they can go look at your house. You have to be prepared because the more buyers that are coming through your home, the better opportunity you have to get your home sold.

So, for tip number three, I like to call it my weekend warriors. Basically, what I’m asking you is “How motivated are you to sell your home?”. Motivated enough to finally clean out the gutters, change out the landscaping, do the touch-up paint, I think you get where I am going on this one. Take the time whenever you have it to finally do those small home improvement projects that you have been putting off for so long. What you have to understand is whenever a buyer is coming into your house, they are not just looking at the things that they like, they’re looking at the things that they would have to do to make your home their home. So, taking the time on the weekends to get those things done ahead of your listing, it’s going to give you the best opportunity to your home sold fast.

For tip number four, what I want to make sure that sellers understand is you’re selling a house not a home and by that, I mean don’t get too attached to your memories. Everything that you have built in that house and the great memories that you have; those are going to remain with you. So, whenever you get constructive criticism from a buyer or something that they didn’t like or they think the price is too high or whatever it maybe, don’t take those things personally. That feedback is essential to making sure that your property is going to be marketed as best as it can and it gives you an idea if maybe there is some cosmetic things that you may need to do to your home to give it a better opportunity to sell. So, do not take things personally, all feedback is good feedback because it gives you the best opportunity to get your property sold.

For tip number five, you need to ask yourself. Do you want to list your home, or do you want to sell it? There are three reasons that a property does not sell; price, condition, and location. Location unfortunately, you don’t get to change but the condition of the property and the price of the property are two things where you’re in full control. So, keep that in mind whenever you are starting the selling process, Realtors are the professionals that do this every single day. They have the most up-to-date information to give you the best idea of the value of your property. Now you’re always the boss, you don’t have to list for exactly what that realtor told you that the property is worth, but it is a really good idea to take their recommendations because they again are the people that do this every single day. So, those are my five tips for sellers, head over to our Facebook page or Instagram, give us a like or follow. That way you are always up-to-date with the best information that we have to offer you. This has been a lot of fun, stay tuned for more content, head over to Pam Robinson real for all of our listings; we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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How’s The Market (April 2020)

Hey everybody, today I want to give you a little bit of insight as to what the markets’ looking like right now. We get tons of calls from sellers and buyers both “Hey, what is happening amid the covid-19 pandemic.” “What do we need to know?” “What is going on?” “Should I list it now, should I not?” “Should I buy now, should I not?” All those kinds of questions, we’re going to try to give updates a few times a month on what the market looks like, and what we’re seeing right here within our area and get that information back out to you so you can make the proper decision for you and your family. So, like I said we’re going to talk about our market a little bit right here. Now I’ll sell anything and list anything in the state of Oklahoma, but for the purposes of this video we’re going to narrow that down to my main area that I work, which is about a 45 mile radius of Seminole. So, keep in mind that is what we are talking about. I am not talking about metropolitan or Tulsa, or Enid Guymon.

So, in 2019 and I pulled this information from our MLS system, from March 1 to April 30th, there is 402 properties that sold during that time period in 2019. Fast forward to 2020, March 1 to April 30, 342 properties have sold at last check. Now a 60-sell drop-off is not really anything to write home about. Yeah, it is a little disappointing but there is a ton of different factors that could have been pushing that other than just Covid-19. So, 60 property fall off we’re not super concerned about that, we’ve still got good strong buyers, interest rates are still at a great rate right now. Call your lenders, talk to them about what rates look like and you might even think about refinancing your home. Now what we have noticed is the number of listings that we typically get during the spring has come down and that is really across the entire state, not just this area. So, right now within a 35 mile radius of Seminole, there are 976 properties currently listed. That sounds like a ton, but that’s not just homes, that’s vacant land, commercial, and lots. So, that’s quite a few, but if you’re a buyer out there I’m sure you’ve probably noticed it looks like you’re scrolling through on the same homes over and over again.
What we are hoping and anticipating is typically March to May is the fast listing season for realtors. I am guessing that that’s probably going to get pushed to July, August and September. That season of selling and listing is coming again, it’s just kind of been pushed down the road a little bit from the covid-19 pandemic. Now as our state slowly starts to open back up and things are reemerging, people are coming out and getting out in town, that’s when you are going to start seeing the pickup of more buyers even though there are good ones out there, and we’re still selling and it’s still a great market, we will start seeing more. So, sellers take that into consideration, if you are considering selling your home it’s still a good time to get it on the market. There are still buyers out there that need to find their home, and it may just be yours.

So, the thing that I really want you to take away from this is it seems scary and everybody has been really worried about it, but quite frankly, it just has not had the drop off that everybody was worried it would have. Yeah, it slowed down some, but it has not collapsed. So, keep that in mind, call a realtor, call a lender, talk to them, see what’s best for you and your family and take advantage of it whenever you can. I hope you have enjoyed our update on the market, we’ll try to keep these coming out as much as possible as things change because you know as well as I do, in two weeks it could be completely different. So, we’ll keep giving you these updates, I hope you stay tuned in and stay up-to-date with us. Go to our Facebook page and our Instagram give us a like and a follow, so you can always have the most up-to-date information. Pam Robinson real has all of our listings, head over there and take a look to find your next home and we’ll be talking to you soon.

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5 Tips for New Home Buyers

Hey everybody, this is Dylan Robinson with Pam Robinson real estate. Have you ever wondered what you need to do to start the buying process? If you have questions are the things like man, how do I get pre-approved? How do I start looking at homes? What do I need to do to be a homeowner? Well stay tuned. Today, I am going to give you five tips to get you started.

Okay guys, here is tip number one. Now the first thing that I think that you need to do whenever you’re ready to start going and looking for the home that you want to purchase, go get pre-approved. Number one, it is going to tell you how much your actual buying power is, it is going to start the process. But to me the most important reason to go get pre-approved whenever you’re ready to start looking is so that you can pull the trigger whenever you actually find the home that you’re ready to purchase. You do not want to wait an extra 24 or 48 hours while it is still on the market and somebody else could be making an offer. Be prepared, and be ready to make that offer and you can do that by getting pre-approved with your lender. Call a lender today, they can tell you exactly what they are going to need to get you pre-approved. A couple of things to have on hand; your last two years of tax returns, the last two months on pay stubs, they may need more than that, they may not need that right away. But if you’re prepared and you go get pre-approved you’re going to be ready to buy a home before somebody else that hasn’t taken those steps yet.

Okay guys, so here’s tip number two. The thing that I try to get my buyers to understand is it is okay to broaden your search criteria a little bit. Do not get so hung up on the small details. If you come in and you say, I want a house its 2000 square feet or more, nothing less than 2000 square feet. You may miss out on that house that’s nineteen hundred and fifty square feet that might have been just perfect and exactly what you’re looking for. So, give your realtor the ability to understand what your wants and needs are, and what your criteria is. But let them broaden that search a little bit. You do not want to miss out on something just because you only wanted to go three miles from work or five miles from work. An extra two miles, five miles, whatever it may be, gives you the ability to see more homes and find more properties that are going to actually fit your criteria and what your daily life needs. It is going to allow us to better service you whenever you are looking to buy a home.

For tip number three guys, this is something that I highly recommend for any buyer out there that’s going to look at properties. Take notes, okay. I know that sounds like just a basic tip because you can remember what you saw or you know whenever you walked in, I didn’t like it, I don’t need to take notes about this one but it’s about more than that. By taking notes on what you did and did not like about a specific house, it’s going to help you identify the things that are actually important. A lot of times you go in and you think man this is going to be really important to me but once you start looking at homes you realize maybe that’s not as important while this other item is. The other part of that is, it is going to let your realtor know what you did or did not like about those homes. So, whenever they’re looking for other listings to bring to you for possibilities, they’re not going to be wasting your time with things that you’ve already marked off on your list that you absolutely didn’t like about a previous house. That is going to give your realtor the opportunity to find you the perfect home for you and your family. It is also going to help you remember what you have looked at, so whenever it is time to make that offer, you remember exactly what you saw.

For tip number four, I highly recommend and I bet every realtor out there would recommend this as well; get a home inspection and use a professional. You may walk in, and see this house and you know it’s perfect and you want it, you’ve made your offer, it has been accepted, now it’s time to really get down to business. You may think it is perfect but you cannot see it through the walls and that is what your home inspector is there for. They are going to give you a really good indication of what the roof condition, the electrical, the plumbing, everything that you’re going to need to know about that house. I like to call it a buyer’s user manual for your new home. It is going to give you a wealth of information to let you know what you need to be thinking about doing in the future or if it is in great condition, you know, that you’ve got a great house and it is right there and it’s ready for you and you’re good to go. So, whenever you are ready to buy a home, and your offer is accepted, get a home inspection and use a professional.

Tip number five is more of a statement than a tip. What I really want to make sure that everybody understands is you can be a homeowner, whether you think that your credits too low or you don’t have enough money save for a down payment or whatever the issue is that is holding you back. Do not let it. Call a realtor, call your lender, and call somebody that has bought a home. It does not matter, talk to somebody and start asking those questions. Homeownership is for everybody, and the professionals in the real estate world and the lending world can help you get there. It may be a long process, but we can get you in a home that is perfect for you and your family. All right guys, so this was my 5 tips for buyers, stay tuned for next week where I’ll be giving out some seller tips. I hope that you enjoyed this video, it is something new that we are trying, I have kind of stumbled my way through a few of them, but I’m getting there and hopefully you’ve enjoyed it. Head over to our Facebook page, Instagram and give us a like, follow us, stay tuned for more information on the real estate market, and what we can do to help you be a homeowner, and find the perfect property. Go to Pam Robinson real for all of our listings and we will see you next week, hope you enjoyed it.

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