Hey everybody, today I want to give you a little bit of insight as to what the markets’ looking like right now. We get tons of calls from sellers and buyers both “Hey, what is happening amid the covid-19 pandemic.” “What do we need to know?” “What is going on?” “Should I list it now, should I not?” “Should I buy now, should I not?” All those kinds of questions, we’re going to try to give updates a few times a month on what the market looks like, and what we’re seeing right here within our area and get that information back out to you so you can make the proper decision for you and your family. So, like I said we’re going to talk about our market a little bit right here. Now I’ll sell anything and list anything in the state of Oklahoma, but for the purposes of this video we’re going to narrow that down to my main area that I work, which is about a 45 mile radius of Seminole. So, keep in mind that is what we are talking about. I am not talking about metropolitan or Tulsa, or Enid Guymon.

So, in 2019 and I pulled this information from our MLS system, from March 1 to April 30th, there is 402 properties that sold during that time period in 2019. Fast forward to 2020, March 1 to April 30, 342 properties have sold at last check. Now a 60-sell drop-off is not really anything to write home about. Yeah, it is a little disappointing but there is a ton of different factors that could have been pushing that other than just Covid-19. So, 60 property fall off we’re not super concerned about that, we’ve still got good strong buyers, interest rates are still at a great rate right now. Call your lenders, talk to them about what rates look like and you might even think about refinancing your home. Now what we have noticed is the number of listings that we typically get during the spring has come down and that is really across the entire state, not just this area. So, right now within a 35 mile radius of Seminole, there are 976 properties currently listed. That sounds like a ton, but that’s not just homes, that’s vacant land, commercial, and lots. So, that’s quite a few, but if you’re a buyer out there I’m sure you’ve probably noticed it looks like you’re scrolling through on the same homes over and over again.
What we are hoping and anticipating is typically March to May is the fast listing season for realtors. I am guessing that that’s probably going to get pushed to July, August and September. That season of selling and listing is coming again, it’s just kind of been pushed down the road a little bit from the covid-19 pandemic. Now as our state slowly starts to open back up and things are reemerging, people are coming out and getting out in town, that’s when you are going to start seeing the pickup of more buyers even though there are good ones out there, and we’re still selling and it’s still a great market, we will start seeing more. So, sellers take that into consideration, if you are considering selling your home it’s still a good time to get it on the market. There are still buyers out there that need to find their home, and it may just be yours.

So, the thing that I really want you to take away from this is it seems scary and everybody has been really worried about it, but quite frankly, it just has not had the drop off that everybody was worried it would have. Yeah, it slowed down some, but it has not collapsed. So, keep that in mind, call a realtor, call a lender, talk to them, see what’s best for you and your family and take advantage of it whenever you can. I hope you have enjoyed our update on the market, we’ll try to keep these coming out as much as possible as things change because you know as well as I do, in two weeks it could be completely different. So, we’ll keep giving you these updates, I hope you stay tuned in and stay up-to-date with us. Go to our Facebook page and our Instagram give us a like and a follow, so you can always have the most up-to-date information. Pam Robinson real estate.com has all of our listings, head over there and take a look to find your next home and we’ll be talking to you soon.