Hey everybody, Dillon Robinson back with Pam Robinson Real Estate. I’ve got a couple of questions for you. Are you ready to list your home, sell your property but are not quite sure where to start? Well, today I am here to give you five seller tips to get you and your property ready to be on the market.

Tip number one get ahead of your cleaning and decluttering. I recommend that you get a really good deep clean done and purge all the items that you really don’t need that you may have not touched in months. The less clutter that you have in your house and the cleaner that it is, the better the showing is going to go. Now I recommend that you do that right before your realtor comes to take pictures, that way it’s pristine and will look great online, whenever people are going through your pictures and your videos of your home. What I recommend to my sellers, dedicate at least 30 minutes a day for a little bit of light cleaning after you do your deep clean and declutter. It allows you to stay on top of it and makes sure that your home is always show ready.

For tip number two, always be ready for your home to be shown. Now that correlates a little bit with tip number one for the 30 minutes a day of cleaning, that way you’re not stressing about running the vacuum one more time or getting the dishes out of the sink or whatever it may be. The back end of that is have a contingency plan for those short notice requests for showings because it’s going to happen. People are going to drive by and see the sign and they have an hour that they can go look at your house. You have to be prepared because the more buyers that are coming through your home, the better opportunity you have to get your home sold.

So, for tip number three, I like to call it my weekend warriors. Basically, what I’m asking you is “How motivated are you to sell your home?”. Motivated enough to finally clean out the gutters, change out the landscaping, do the touch-up paint, I think you get where I am going on this one. Take the time whenever you have it to finally do those small home improvement projects that you have been putting off for so long. What you have to understand is whenever a buyer is coming into your house, they are not just looking at the things that they like, they’re looking at the things that they would have to do to make your home their home. So, taking the time on the weekends to get those things done ahead of your listing, it’s going to give you the best opportunity to your home sold fast.

For tip number four, what I want to make sure that sellers understand is you’re selling a house not a home and by that, I mean don’t get too attached to your memories. Everything that you have built in that house and the great memories that you have; those are going to remain with you. So, whenever you get constructive criticism from a buyer or something that they didn’t like or they think the price is too high or whatever it maybe, don’t take those things personally. That feedback is essential to making sure that your property is going to be marketed as best as it can and it gives you an idea if maybe there is some cosmetic things that you may need to do to your home to give it a better opportunity to sell. So, do not take things personally, all feedback is good feedback because it gives you the best opportunity to get your property sold.

For tip number five, you need to ask yourself. Do you want to list your home, or do you want to sell it? There are three reasons that a property does not sell; price, condition, and location. Location unfortunately, you don’t get to change but the condition of the property and the price of the property are two things where you’re in full control. So, keep that in mind whenever you are starting the selling process, Realtors are the professionals that do this every single day. They have the most up-to-date information to give you the best idea of the value of your property. Now you’re always the boss, you don’t have to list for exactly what that realtor told you that the property is worth, but it is a really good idea to take their recommendations because they again are the people that do this every single day. So, those are my five tips for sellers, head over to our Facebook page or Instagram, give us a like or follow. That way you are always up-to-date with the best information that we have to offer you. This has been a lot of fun, stay tuned for more content, head over to Pam Robinson real estate.com for all of our listings; we look forward to speaking with you soon.